Kidd Mules

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If you wish to have pre-purchase vet check this must be done

prior to mule/donkey leaving sellers' property; We will be glad to assist you with arranging this and can gladly transport to a nearby vet for cost of fuel only, buyer is responsible financially for cost of pre purchase exams regardless of the outcome and payment must be arranged with vet prior to us taking mule/donkey. Once a mule has left the property via buyer or transporter it is sold as-is since injuries can occur in transport.

1. Seller:                                                                                 Buyer:

Name: Kidd Mules, Robert Kidd                                     Name:_________________________________

Address: 4786 East HWY 1470                                        Address:________________________________

   Pine Knot KY 42635                                                           City/State/Zip___________________________

Phone: 606-310-0828                                                            Phone:_____________________________

2.  MULE/DONKEY PURCHASED: The Seller hereby agrees to sell and the Buyer hereby agrees to

purchase, upon the terms and conditions set forth, the following described mule/donkey.

Mule/Donkeys  Registered Name: _____________________ Reg#: _________________

Mule/Donkeys Barn Name: _________________________

Sex: _________________________ Breed: _________________________

Color and Markings: _________________________________________________________


3. BILL OF SALE: This bill of sale is executed this _______ day of ____________, 20______. The

Seller hereby transfers to Buyer all right, title and interest in the mule/donkey in accordance with the

laws of Kentucky and subject to the following conditions:

4. PURCHASE PRICE: The total purchase price for the above described Mule/Donkey is

________________________________________________payable according to the following terms:

A) Full payment in the form of cash or Paypal ONLY is due before mule/donkey is removed from its current location. Absolutely no refunds or claims on LIVE animals. All sales final once animal leaves sellers property  

B) Once the Seller receives full payment, the mule/donkey and registration papers for the mule/donkey

will be immediately signed to be transferred to the Buyer.

5. EXPRESS WARRANTIES: The Buyer accepts the mule/donkey with only those warranties set forth

herein and subject to any and all faults or defects to the horse/mule that may now exist or subsequently

appear. There are no other expressed or implied warranties extended to the Buyer, nor are there

any warranties extended, either expressed or implied, for fitness/suitability for any particular


6. INJURY LIABILITY: The Buyer understands that horses/livestock/mules, horseback/muleback riding and equestrian activities carry inherent risks of injury, damage or death, and that purchase of the mule/donkey herein includes these risks. The Buyer knowingly assumes the risks, known and unknown, of all activities on and around the horse/mule from this time forth. The Buyer agrees to the following:

A) The Buyer is and will be responsible and liable for any and all injuries including, but

not limited to physical injury, death, mental or emotional injury and property damage arising from, related to, based upon, or attributable to the mule/donkey or the Seller.

B) The Buyer waives, discharges and releases the Seller from any claim that may now or

hereinafter arise for any injury including but not limited to physical injury, death, mental or emotional injury and property damage arising from, related to, based upon, or attributable to the mule/donkey or the Seller.

C) The Buyer agrees that the Seller has been honest in representing the mule/donkey to the best

of the Seller’s knowledge.  The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the mule/donkeys  actions from this time forth, releasing all liability from the Seller.

7. BUYER JOINT LIABILITY: All parties signing as buyer are jointly and severally liable for all obligations hereunder.


RISK OF LOSS: The Buyer accepts the horse/mule by signing this contract and the risk of loss

passes immediately. The Buyer is responsible for all veterinary and transportation

expenses and risk of loss or injury (including if still on seller's property or in transport care or route) after the date indicated on this form.

9. BUYER'S WARRANTIES: The Buyer shall hereafter provide adequate feed, shelter,

worming, vaccinations, veterinary care and farrier care for the horse/mule.


be construed and governed by the laws of Kentucky. At the option of the Seller, jurisdiction and

venue for any dispute arising under or in relation to this contract shall be only in McCreary County, KY.

In the event a lawsuit is brought forth with respect to breach of contract by

the Buyer, and the Seller engages an attorney, the Seller should be entitled to collect reasonable

attorney’s fees from the Buyer.

11. NOTICES: All notices, requests and consents required or permitted by this contract or for

any other purpose shall be in writing, signed and delivered to the appropriate address specified

above, or another address of which the sender has been given written notice by certified mail.

12. ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND SEVERABILITY: This contract contains the entire

understanding of the parties concerning its subject matter; there are no additional oral or written

promises or representations upon which the Buyer is relying except as expressly set forth herein.

This contract may be modified only in writing executed by both Buyer and Seller.

Dated this _________ day of _______________, 20______ in McCreary County, Pine Knot, KY 42635.

SELLER: _____________________________________________________________