Kidd Mules

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 Kidd Mules Sales Commission Agreement Contract

This agreement is entered into between Kidd Mules (the Agent) and ____________________ (the Seller). Seller agrees to pay Agent a commission of 10% of the actual sales price of_____________ for the mule(s) as listed below. The mule is known as ________________with the registration number ________________, 
2.) The Agent agrees to perform the following tasks to facilitate the sale of the listed mule(s): A.  Produce, post, submit and manage all online advertising. B. Arrange for the filming and photography needed for proper visual representation. Upon completion of filming and photography, Agent shall manage the editing of sales videos and photographs for use in advertising. Agent agrees to perform such work in as reasonable and prudent timeframe as possible to capture the best visual representation possible (weather permitting) c. Assist Seller in setting an accurate asking price for the mule(s) and in negotiating a final selling price. Agent will not accept or agree to any negotiated sales price from a prospective buyer below the full asking price without first consulting with and receiving approval from Seller. d. Manage all communications with prospective buyers, set up appointments for visits, be in attendance for visits, and represent the mule(s) as honestly and accurately as possible. Agent will conduct himself, communications, and appointments with the utmost professional attitude. Agent will keep Seller informed as to all communication and appointments. e. Assist prospective buyers in coordinating pre-purchase veterinary examinations and shipping arrangements. Agent will be present whenever possible for pre-purchase veterinary examinations and to meet shippers when they arrive to pick up the mule.
3.) The Seller agrees to perform the following tasks to facilitate the sale of the listed mule(s): a. Provide Agent with all necessary and possessed information and documentation regarding to the mule(s) so that he may represent them to prospective buyers as honestly and accurately as possible. b. Pay for advertising expenses when applicable and necessary. Advertising expenses may include fees for photographers, videographers, websites and/or print media, and anything else that may be directly related to producing appropriate advertising materials. Agent will make every effort to keep advertising costs at a reasonable level, however Seller must realize that advertising is an essential part of selling a mule. Depending on the quality and price of the mule, the most appropriate advertising avenues will differ, and as such so will the cost. Agent will consult with Seller before committing to any advertising expense. c. Seller will keep mule in full training with Agent for the duration of this agreement, except in the case of a young mule that is not yet ready for training. Seller will be responsible for board/feed expenses in the total of ________ monthly. (due at the beginning of every month until mule sells) Seller will also be responsible for any Veterinary or farrier expenses while mule is in Agents possession.
4.) Insurance. Agent highly recommends that seller obtain mortality, major medical and loss of use insurance on equine. Obtaining and maintaining such insurance is Sellers full responsibility. It is also Sellers sole responsibility to seek any pre-authorizations for treatment required by Sellers insurer(s) and to otherwise provide any documentation that Sellers insurer(s) may require.
5.)Should either Agent or Seller not perform the actions listed in this agreement, the agreement shall be considered in breach, and thus terminated. Both parties shall be released from the agreement without penalty or remuneration.

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