Kidd Mules

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Nobody Does it Like Sara Lee

Victory Lap for the 2015 WGC title in Western Gaited Trail Pleasure

                       Columbia Mule Days 2013

                       Great Celebration 2013

Nobody Does it Like Sara Lee

* Youth Halter World Grand Champion

* 4 time World Grand Champion

* 3 time Reserve World Grand Champion

*6 time World Champion

*Reserve World Champion

*Tennessee State Champion

* 8 time Kentucky State Champion

* AGMA high point Gaited mule 2015

*NASMA Reserve National Champion 2015

*NASMA High point Gaited mule 2015



* 4 time World Grand Champion

*3 time Reserve World Grand Champion

* 2 time World Champion

* Reserve World Champion

* 3 time Tennessee State Champion

* Kentucky State Champion


         Exhibition At the Walking Horse Celebration 2012